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Pyro digital

Pyro is a creative studio that delivers animations, apps and innovation.

It started as an animation studio several years ago, creating commercials and animations for offline agencies. As technology evolved and things got more and more interactive, it has become clear that animations and apps would eventually merge. We, than, began to develop small apps and systems that rapidly grew in complexity, requiring interaction with external devices, such as sensors. This, in turn, led us to dive into the world of Arduino, 3d printing, soldering…

One of our most recent projects, an award winning one, is a sum of all that: a sensor that reads muscle activity and pushes data wirelessly to a cell phone, allowing patients to control beautifully designed and animated games by moving different types of muscles.

Recent works

Animated Series

We have just delivered a 10 episode animated series, in which we were responsible for scene direction, character creation, modeling, rigging, animation, rendering, and composition.

Til Keyboard

Til is an alternative virtual keyboard that mixes single key selection with simple gestures, allowing users to navigate through the text, accentuate words, punctuate phrases, and correct typos quickly and easily.

Mobile Biofeedback

This project won 2018 Pfizer's Prêmio Sempre On Innovation. It consists of a portable sensor with electrodes that connects to a cell phone, allowing patients to control games by moving different muscle groups.

Contact us

We are at:
Rua Caiubi, 1007, Perdizes, São Paulo, Brazil.
CEP 05010-000.