Animated Series

We have just delivered a 10 episode animated series which tells the story of two clowns (and their dog) who fight a dangerous enemy: the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Each episode shows, in 60 seconds, different ways to fight the proliferation of the mosquito, in an effort to minimize the incidence of diseases like dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever.

This project was produced in partnership with OAK Educação e Cultura and Dudu Produções.

Esse mosquito vai dançar

We, at Pyro, were responsible for creating the characters, producing all the 3d animations and co-directing the episodes.

Based on a play carried out by two actors, a sketch of the characters was created. After it was approved by the project’s sponsor, the characters were modeled in 3d, textured and submitted to another approval. Then, the models were rigged and all the files were set up for animation.

Before animating each episode, an animatic was produced in order to rehearse scene time and acting. After its approval, each episode was, then, animated.

With all the 3d ready, each episode was composed and delivered to Dudu Produções, in order to receive the final audio and the 2d animation.