Mobile Biofeedback

This project consists of a sensor that captures muscle movement, transforms it into data and pushes this information wirelessly to a cell phone equipped with a specific app that allows patients to control games while doing physical exercises.

Featuring multiple game titles, all them presenting flexible and customizable parameters, the app allows health professionals to create specific trainings for each patient. All data gathered in a training session can be stored, allowing professionals to track patient´s evolution throughout the treatment.

With games designed to be engaging and visually appealing, patients can have an immersive experience while training, which can lead to better results for the whole treatment, especially when they are children.

The device itself is portable, light, and requires only a medium cell phone with Bluetooth for the games to be played. It not only allows professionals to take the device to patients´ homes, adding flexibility to the treatment, but also makes possible for patients who decide to purchase the equipment to extend the treatment on their own, by doing complementary predefined exercises configured only by professionals, either in-app or remotely.

Although Mobile Biofeedback is in its initial development stage, it has already won 2018 Pfizer´s Prêmio Sempre On Innovation, a very important prize now in its 4th edition in Brazil.

The project is being improved and prepared for the next phase, which involves dealing with regulatory agencies in order to obtain licenses and approvals.


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